How to use UFsR/WMW forum! Bonus: Trics

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How to use UFsR/WMW forum! Bonus: Trics

Post by Guest on Wed 6 Jun 2007 - 23:18

I would like to help u by using easily UFsR forum,

where is UFsR forum's link?
- here for the forum board
- here, on the portal, you can see all last topic post

what to do if i don't have acces on UFsR's forum?
- send pm to MaLaGasy

where should i post to present myself?
- we've got a welcome topic there (for members only)

what can i post on the forum?
- your hobbies and if you need new topic for that, just send pm to MaLaGasy

You've got to post absolutly too:
- where your fleet is moving (link for Area1 and Area2), to avoid collision
- if you are under attack, u can post to this link
(topic for flooder is easy to find .. i don't want to make pub about that dwarf )

I am newbie on aw, what can you do for me?
There is a nice topic i've prepared about all question for helping u to better play aw:

Then, if you want more information about where to post:
- demand for TA partner
- UFsR battle result
- IR (information about our ennemies races)

I think i didn't forget any topic, but if you want more information about how to use our forum, then just send pm to MaLaGasy

Best regards


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Re: How to use UFsR/WMW forum! Bonus: Trics

Post by Crab on Sat 23 May 2015 - 16:58

Great UFsR alliance always be in our memories!!!cheers cheers cheers
But now i create a new \/\/orld/\/\ind\/\/eb (WMW) alliance!!! sunny ásunny ásunny
to get access
- send pm to Crab

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