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Subject: Bonus reminder


At the 03:00 GMT Daily Update (02:00 GMT during daylight saving), if any of your planets have a population six or more levels below your Social Science Level, one will randomly gain Spontaneous Growth, when that planet’s Population will instantly be increased by one level.


There is an Economy Bonus of 5% available to the player who has the highest Economy science in the group of 100 that they joined with.


A Physics level six points higher than your opponent will give you a 25% bonus to attack against that player (25% increase in chance to win), this bonus is combined with any Race bonus already in effect.


A Mathematics level six points higher than that of an Attacking opponent will give you a 25% bonus towards defense (More Survivors), this bonus is added to any Race bonus you may have. The reverse is also true, if your Mathematics level is six points lower then your opponent you will have a –25% subtracted from your defense (Less Survivors). You also get a bonus (a malus) as much as you have a higher (a lower) level than your opponent, but it will be less than 25% and not mentioned in Battle Calculator, unless studying predicted battle results..


If your Biology level is six or more points higher than any other players within your field of vision, who's home system you can see, you will be able to obtain an Intelligence Report on that player.


More Hydroponic Farms let you reap the benefits of a higher population sooner. Each Hydroponic Farm will give you +1 food (Production Points, or PP) per hour! The more Hydroponic Farms you have, the faster you get food so Population increases.


Galactic Cybernets are important for interplanetary communications and management, and each new Galactic Cybernet will provide +1 Culture per hour.


Robotic factories increase the production output of a planet by one extra Production Point an hour per level.


Research Labs house state-of-the-art computer equipment, creating a superior research environment which increases your science output by one each level.


refer-a-friend-url (you can see it on News/Settings)

If you give this url to your friends, then you will get permanent bonus untill the end of the round

last update: 08/02/08


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