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Post by pcy on Thu 13 Dec 2007 - 11:14

English version

Izeldon wrote:Hello,

My name is Sorin and i've been playing this game along with my brother abel for a very long time now.

Some of you know me.. most of you don't know me.. at least not with this account name.. when i started the SK project i changed my nick.. so old history gone..

2 weeks ago my brother abel was involved in a car crash and suferred sever brain damage.. now he lies on a hospital bed unconcious.

In order to solve this issue he must go trough a complicated medical proceeding that can't be done in a state hospital and must be done in a private clinic.

The insurances cover only half of the money need for this surgery..

We, my familly and the SK alliance are trying to raise the money so that he can have this surgery..but since the amount is quite high.. we are having difficulties to raise it.

After talking with some of the mods from here we decided to post here .. maybe some of you (aw comunity) can help us out...

We are looking either for a non profit organization that can help us with this case, or to raise as much money as we can..

We have opened 2 accounts at local bank for this, if you are interested to help all you have to do is PM me for the details..

If needed i can provide medical proof of his condition so that if you decide to help us .. you can be sure that the money will go exactly where its needed.

Also.. if some of you have friends or family involved in this kind of activity or know someone that works for a non profit organisation/fundation that handles such cases.. please do PM .

We would be more then interested in such an organisation.. because they have the "know how" and how these things go.. but at this point..we weren't able to find any available fundation/organization to help us..

So i apeal to all of you.. please help us.. so that one day he can be a normal human beeing with a normal life, so that he doesn't have to live his life.. plugged to a machine..

I don't know if i wrote the right things.. i am after many sleepless nights.. and the lack of sleep is getting to me..

If you can find it in your hearts to help us.. and you have the meanings.. please do PM me..

Thanks a lot and may God be with you all.



For people who wants to participate, but does have only paypal account, then the alliance MILL and TZAR are some procedure for this way of payement. If you need more information about contribution about paypal, then please visit these links:


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Post by pcy on Thu 13 Dec 2007 - 11:17

Version Française

Tyranides wrote:Pour ceux qui ne lisent pas le Général ou qui ne le comprenent pas et aussi parce que c'est le moins que je puisse faire je vous fais un topo rapide.

Le frangin d'Izeldon : Abel s'est planté en bagnole il y a quelques temps, il est pas bien, atteind au cerveau...

Il a besoin d'une opération et malheureusement sa famille n'a pas les moyens de la payer, l'assurance ne couvrant que la moitié de cette derniere.

Izeldon et sa famille sont desesperés aussi je vous demande en cette période de fête de voir si vous ne pourriez pas faire un geste, en parler autours de vous simplement.

vous connaissez peut etre des gens/associationspouvant aider..?

Que ce soit un soutient, des pistes pour trouver un financement, un don tout est susceptible d'aider.

J'ai parcouru tantôt le sujet à propos du Téléthon et je lisais des trucs du genre mais où va l'argent, sait on vraiment à quoi il va servir etc..

Dans le cas présent il s'agit de concret d'un frere qui cherche à sauver son frangin actuellement inconscient et qui à ce jour risque de passer le reste de sa vie alité branché à une machine.

Je ne connais Izeldon et Abel que depuis cette Gold et je peux vous assurer que d'abords ce sont des gars tres cools et que jamais Izeldon n'aurait été jusqu'à poster sur le général s'il n'avait eu d'autres solutions.

S'il vous faut la moindre information adressez un PM à Izeldon.

Merci à vous.

Tyranides (arkenvad.)


Izeldon ne peut utiliser PayPal, Mill & TZAR ont donc mis a disposition leur " ligne paypal" pour reverser apres tous les fonds recoltes sur le compte bancaire designe par Izeldon.

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