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Post by pcy on Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 5:16

> Start Up Lab: Pro/Conter

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

+ Quick science development at beginning
+ You can scan perhaps the players in your next neighbourhood
+ Not expensive (only 1 point)

- useless in later gameplay

Note: You have a Lab 12 at beginning. But of course you can increase it like every building: this lvl12 is free of costs.
But, don't forget: start up lab is good for you if you play a hard core science strategy like Eco bonus hunting, race spying or speeding. Else it is a wasted race point (and you can do all of them without SUL, too)

> Is it a really good idea for the long term or not

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

Broadly speaking, most experienced players would say the science bonus is better than the lab, because as the game lasts for about two months, it is not long till you have level 12 labs on all but the newest planets, while there is a long period following this during which a sustained 8% on top is very useful.

However it does also depend on your intended role in the game. For a fighter the above is very true, though a speed fighter may find it useful for early colonisation as he can focus on energy to improve his speed. Also for a scientist who is going to feed his allies intel on the enemy by studying Biology having that boost early on is useful (but not essential) for capturing the +6 IR advantage while the enemy are still developing at a slower rate.
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