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Post by pcy on Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 4:46

> Economy science: how do you grow it, how high and when.

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- Eco 0 is fine ... until real-end game. And then no more than 17 or 20.
- If you don't fight before the end, you don't need a hudge eco.
- If you try to build a hudge fleet for the end : eco24/eco27 (even 30) could be a good choise. Depend of your science capacity.
- If you fight since the beginning, you should not stay with a 0 eco. 14 to 20 is a minimum then.

> Is it possible to reach bio 23 and a decent energy level in a month's time?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- Yes, also buy Astrolabe artifact as soon as possible, and make TA with your neighbours for further bonuses.
- You will also need to colonise swiftly as you can to increase your pops, and concentrate on labs as your main buildings.

Note: Startup Lab can be usefull, but it depends if you are in an alliance or not. If you are in one, then you may be the spy...so others will have the fleets and you the IR.
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