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Post by pcy on Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 4:01

> how you buy artifacts?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- For each "Player Level" you get access to one new artifact.
- At Player Level 8, new Artifacts available will be '(Artifact) 2' and give a 20% bonus, instead of the 10% bonus for '(Artifact) 1'.
- At Player Level 15, the new Artifacts will be "(Artifact) 3" and worth a bonus of 30%.
- Once Player Level 21 is achieved, no new Artifacts are available for purchase.


> HoR2 is it worth?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- If you have money and don't need fleet, buy the HoR2. When you would need cash, you can sell it.
- If someone is looking at a HoR2 they probably have all 5 TAs
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