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Post by Crab on Thu 3 Sep 2015 - 5:15

Hello all the WMW

Excuse me to bother you again with such a long message

I wamt to share some ideas.
First even though it is hard for everybody to be active, I would like to tell you that I enjoy playing with you. It is a happy and a funny gold for me.
When Crab contacted me in order to ask me to join, I was reluctant. But no regrets, we are her for fight and fun. Thank to all of you.

AW is a damm good game. Addictive too. It is also à social game talking is a big part. Communication is an important dimension of the game. I won't use whatapps or direct channel. It is a personal choice.

AW is also à game in which you have to make choice. Some décisions are good other are bad. You can't be good on all aspect développent and fight, culture and/or science. So focus on one task.

Here à few advices or wisdom I have learnt from playing this game for years
~ shit always happens
~ everything will not work as planned
~ we always fo mistake. But à good Player do less mistakes than another.
~ défense is always advantaged
~ always think before acting. It could avoid misslaunch or wrong spending of pp. Double check ASAP before sending à fleet
~ daily update can provide very useful informations such as bigest fleet and their location. So check if agressive neighbours are in thé Rank and where they can be
~ you can hide or show the location of your fleet‎ if you are ranked on a top50 best fleet
~ to be sure to react in case of aggression. As much as possible avoid having more than 3 fleets in flight. 2 free fleets slot make à big difference.
~ in défense. Evacuate colony Ships and transports as they can be killed while you défend and they cost à lots.
~ it is bettet losing à planet than providing too much exp to an ennemy especially if he can enjoy the Player level bous which can make à big difference
~ coordination increase efficiency. If you are not sure you can log in in tinee. Tell it. We have a réal life and duties. So it's not a big matter.
~ artefacts are à cash réserve you cann sell in case of emergency. If the situation is quiet you can earn money by speculating. Doing this allowed me to slow WHS when I sold me heart of rana 1 to rebuild à fleet.
~ as artef‎act are à cash réserve, it is better if your attack between Trade update to avoid your opponent get time to sell their artefact to build defence. So attacking in less than 12 hours can make à difference.
~ consider à planet as potentialy ghosted for 72 hours.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.
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