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Validation - reminder Empty Validation - reminder

Post by Guest on Mon 4 Feb 2008 - 13:00

Subject: Validation reminder

TA (Trade agreement)

Your TA will be validated at 3:00 am GMT. Then, if you want that your TA will be validate, then both of TA partner should accept demande before this time.


Your culture will be validated if you connect on your account "few minutes" after the countdown.
Sometimes there's some trouble with validation, as for example, you are still connected on your account before your culture countdown achieve 0, then even you disconnect or clean your cookies, your culture lvl will not be validated (it is still running, and tell you that 50sec remain). Then, to avoid this situation, i propose u not to connect 15min before your culture validation or, that your colonisation fleet will arrive around 15min after culture validation.


If you want to see players/alliance rank, then updated is at 0:00 GMT

SU (Supply Unit) & Artefact

If you buy or sell SU or Artefact, update is twice a day: at 12:00am and at 12:00pm.
Number of SU that you can buy/sell is limited to your PL (player level), but there's no limitation for artefacts.

last update: 08/02/08


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