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Post by Guest on Mon 4 Feb 2008 - 12:59

Subject: SPEND ALL

I. How to manage your "spend-all", spend-all on starbase
II. Spend-all on Interstellar Trade
III. Another use of "spend-all": defend your weakest planet

I. How to manage your "spend-all", spend-all on starbase

First of all, i think that all of you have already noticed this screen:

"Spend all" action Spendallxm8

But if you don't see Trade and Alliance screen, that means that you have less than Player Level 1 dwarf

And, you can only see the "spend-all" button (see pic 1) unless you get at least a total of 150PP (see pic 2). Then, when you do a "spend-all", you money doesn't disappeared dwarf , but you have got to choose where you want to spend all of your money:

"Spend all" action Starbaseol1

If you choose to make a spend all into one of the 4 first choice (destroyer, cruise, battleship, starbase), that means that you will spend your available PP on each of your planet.

In my mind, this choice is really interesting only if you keep many PP on each of your planets, when you are thinking about self-defense, and building huge lvl of your starbase on all over of your system when you are under attack on each of your planet, at the same times.

Then spend-all on starbase means that you will build starbase on all of your planet with the money available on each of it. This action is really quick, and avoid you to lose time by choosing one planet by one and upgrading starbase lvl on each of it.

I remind you again, that in this case, you have to keep all of your money on each of your planets to have high lvl of starbase later. I am using lefois' tool to give you an example:

"Spend all" action Toolch0

1- you enter on Lefois' tool*, then choose "Tool"
2- you enter your curently lvl: i have choosed starbase lvl 0
3- you choose the lvl you would like to have: i have choosed starbase lvl 16
4- Then, when you click on "Calculate", it says that "You need to spend 6558 PP to upgrade your building from Level 0 to Level 16" on each of your planet
*(i would like to remind you that this tool is working for all building)

II. Spend-all on Interstellar Trade

The most common use of "spend-all" is to transfert all of our money into our best planet via "Interstellar Trade"

"Spend all" action Spendallwc9

Where are my PP now scratch ?!!

"Spend all" action Tradeke5

Don't worry about your PP (pic 2), it doesn't have disappeared dwarf . It was just transfered to your Trade (pic 1)

I hope that you have seen that you money (4246,64a$) seems to be less than what you have got in the beginning (4646 PP). That's normal because of the price of PP that change every day: today, 1PP cost 0.91a$ (pic 4).

Then i propose you to click on Buy now (pic 3) and choose to buy "Production Points" if you want to transfert all of your money to your highest planet.

III. Another use of "spend-all": defend your weakest planet

I would like to tell you that we can use a "spend-all" too, to defend our weakest planet when our fleet, or allies' one, won't land at time to defend it, and then you are sure to win if you get high lvl of sb on this under-attacked planet.

Then, how to transfert all (almost all) of your PP into another planet, as you know that when you choose to make a spend-all, all of your money will move to your 1rst planet on your list. This is what you need:

1- the planet that will receive the transaction after a spend-all MUST have population lvl 5 minimum
2- all of other planet above the planet that will receive the spend-all must have been SIEGED (from allies dwarf )

"Spend all" action Weakplanettn4

For example, i am under attack on my last planet: Alpha Baham #12 (pic 1). It has pop lvl 4, then i cannot transfert any PP there. That means that if nobody can help me, or if i don't have anything to against ennemies fleet, i will loose this planet drunken

Another example, if i am under attack on my planet: Alpha Baham #10 (pic 2), then if i want to build huge starbase on it (don't forget to use battlecalculator), this is what to do:
1- i spend all my PP and keep it on Trade board
2- i ask my allies to siege my other planets - above this one on my Planets' screen - In this situation, my allies have to siege my 11 other planets before the attack reach his target Shocked
3- i transfer my a$ to PP for the under-attacked planet
4- i build my starbase

But don't forget that if you transfer PP and, at least one of your planet is under sieged, then you will loose 5% by each sieged planet (if you have 9 sieged planet, then you will loose 9*5% = 45% of your PP)

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial,
Best regards

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