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Post by Guest on Mon 19 Nov 2007 - 10:54

Subject: Supply Unit

I am trying to convince you there that SU (supply unit) is really usefull to grow up your building

Supply Unit Planetfh7

as you can see on pic #1, if you want to have - for example, in my case - farm lvl 16 (pic #2), you need to spend 2188 a$ ... that's very huge, and i am not sure that you want to spend all of your money on that dwarf

Supply Unit Supplyunitcopyea4

Then, the solution is to buy SU, and using them to grow your building.
As you can see on pic #3 you can use SU to grow-up building as Factory, Farm, Cyber and Lab ... but the most important there is to spend SU into farm, as you can see on pic #4, you get a$ after using your SU on your building (here, you can get 328a$) ... Then, if you buy a SU for around 700a$, and you want to grow farm to lvl 16 ... this building will cost only 400a$ instead of 2188a$

I have said that you must grow your farm, with SU, but why into farm?!

Supply Unit Jrasjidoce4

Supply Unit Pcycopywo7

You can compare pic #5 to #5bis, etc
What i can say is that, even i have choosed a race with many malus as for example -4 in production, i begin to get many PP, but not much as someone who has got +4 in production ... then, don't forget that if you put only your PP into factory, then you will benefit only about PP bonus, but if you choosed to lvl up your farm, then you will benefit of many advantages as:
- your pop will grow more quickly (it's interesting to be well ranked dwarf)
- you will benefit of PP bonus (i don't know exactly how many % of pp you will get for each new population lvl)
- you will grow your science and culture % (really interesting Smile )

Another trick for having high lvl in farm is that, whenever someone is doing pop kill on you, then your pop will grow quickly because of your high lvl on farm

Best regards

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