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Post by Guest on Sat 11 Aug 2007 - 8:20

MaLaGasy wrote:

I never used this tools, it s the first time i try it .. then i dont really know what to ask to greenbird to have all access (and i dont know what else can we get after that :d)
Then, could you send pm to greenbird with my approuval plz?
or can you describe me here what exactly you need, like that i ll send the pm myself

I am sorry i missed this part of youre post. I dont expect Greenbird to accept me sending him the mail because i think he want the registered founder of the ally to send it.

This is what the manuel says:
" Or you agree to this political deal: Your alliance signs an alliance NAP with my alliance (RATS) and that NAP is valid until either the current round is over or until three days (3d) after my alliance declared that it cancels the NAP. Notice that this asymmetry in cancelation is the price you have pay for using my AWTools (if you do not want to pay money). It is also because I can not decide on long term politics for my alliance alone. Then send me a PM:

Standard NAP terms:

* - One should not launch to a system that is inhabited by the other party without getting permission before (call it coordination)
* - One should not pass on confidential information of the other party like intelligence reports and plans
* - No alliance will help a third party to attack the other alliance, that includes not allowing their planets to be used as airports and includes telling the other party about forced jumps
* - All above is valid until end of round (does not include interbeta - that is, after winner is declared)
* - for AWTools NAPs, greenbird's alliance may cancel the NAP with 3 days advance notice

So here is what to do:
1) Contact RATS and ask for a NAP to be able to get access to the greenbird tool. With that accept those NAP terms.
So i suggest you ask RATS to open us an embassy. And ask for a NAP to get the Greenbird tool.

2) When the NAP is signed, pm Greenbird requesting access to the tool. You can use the previewPM button in the manual so you dont even have to write the PM, just put in the alliance name.

I promissed some screenshot from the Greenbird tool. Screenshot are from GE6 i think.

Greenbird tool Gb1rk4
Note that you can easily see what alliance players are in.

Greenbird tool Gb2ng6
There is a detailed sytem info available showing present and incoming fleets of all youre allies.
Note that the CV value has 2 figures. In this case on #11 ther is an incoming fleet of Aibrn (:p) which has a CV of 1956, but added with race bonus and sience level it adds up to: 4287CV!!. If intel is available of youre attacking enemy it will show this CV as well. So yo know exactly who will win the battle.
Note that all ally members can see this info by just checking the system.

Greenbird tool Intercepttoolgd9
The intercept tool. All allies can see who can intercept an attacking fleet. No more asking: Help i have an incoming who can help me. Real handy!!!

Greenbird tool Gb4kc1
Intel tool: Shows who possibly can see a certain players intel. Makes you wanne grow bio real high Very Happy.

As you can see i only used the tool for one round but i really think is a MUST for any alliance!! I hope i convinced you of starting to use the tool. If you need any help just let me know. (fmdenhollander @

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