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Post by Guest on Wed 29 Aug 2007 - 16:22

Subject: Using of Battle calculator (or BC) (utilisation du Battle calculator)

I am sure that most of you are thinking that everybody knows how to use the BC (or battlecalculator). You are wrong because there are probably some new players there, who we should help, to be more efficient.

Je suis sur que certains d'entre vous pense que tout le monde sait utiliser le BC (ou Battle calculator). Vous avez tord, puisqu'il y a probablement une personne ici, qu'on devrait aider, pour qu'il soit plus efficace au combat.

>> Where can i find this famous BC? (ou est ce que je peux le trouver ce fameux BC?)

You can find it easily by going to lefois' tools at this link: Then you can see at the bottom, on the left, there are the BC:

Vous pouvez le trouver facilement en allant sur l'outil de lefois en cliquant sur ce lien: C'est en bas à gauche Smile

Battle Calculator Bcyu2

Then, you just have to click on it, and you will get something like that:

Si vous cliquez dessus, vous aurez quelque chose comme ci-dessous:

Battle Calculator Bc2gp4

>>> How to use it? (comment utiliser cet outil?)

It's not difficult to use this tools. As you can see on the pic above, there are 2 colums:
- attacker
- defender

Ce n'est pas difficile. Comme vous pouvez le constater ci dessus, il y a 2 colonnes:
- attacker (attaquant)
- defender (défenseur)

And information you must/should have are in yellow on this pic:

Et les information que vous devriez avoir sont entourées en jaune sur la photo ci dessous:

Battle Calculator Irob6

This page is also known as the IR (or Intelligence Report)

Cette page est aussi connu sous le nom de IR ou RI en francais (Rapport d'Intellience)

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Battle Calculator Empty Re: Battle Calculator

Post by Guest on Wed 29 Aug 2007 - 16:57

>>> Example of attack/defense: (example d'attaque/défense)

For example, i'm going to attack this player:

Dans notre exemple, on va attaquer ce joueur:

Battle Calculator Ir2fw4

Then, in the BC i should enter all information i know about him (if you don't have his IR, then you can estimate dwarf), and about me:

Puis dans le BC, on doit rentrer toutes les informations qu'on connait sur lui (et si vous ne connaissez pas son IR, alors il va falloir faire une estimation Smile ), et il faut aussi rentrer nos propres informations:

Battle Calculator Bc3mv7

In this example, i've choosed that:
- Attaquer (me dwarf) has got: 1500/50/5
(i choose all the time to writte something like 1500/50/5 to say that i've got 1500ds and 50cr and 5bs)
- Defender (hangman25) has got: 1000/0/0 and sb 16

Dans cet exemple, j'ai choisi:
- Attaquant (c'est moi) a: 1500/50/5
(j'ai choisi de mettre les flottes dans ce format: 1500/50/5 pour dire qu'il y a 1500ds, 50cr et 5bd)
- Défenseur (hangman25) a: 1000/0/0 et sb 16

Then, when you click on "calculate battle" on the bottom, you can see these results:
- my chance to win: 0,99962 or 99,962%
- the defender chance to win: 0,00038 or 0,038%

Puis quand vous cliquez sur "calculate battle" en bas, vous pouvez voir les résultats suivant:
- mes chances de victoire sont de: 0,99962 ou 99,962%
- les chances de victoire du défenseur est de: 0,00038 or 0,038%

That is to say that, if i attack him now, i'm not sure to win, even my % of chance to win is the highest. And, if i win, i will get 6000 XP (that's many SU dwarf)

Ceci est pour vous dire que si je l'attaquer maintenant, je ne suis pas sur de gagner meme si mes chances de victoires sont suppérieures à la sienne. Mais si jamais je gagne, en meme temps je gagnerai 6000 XP, et ca en fait de SU :p

That is to say that, if you are not sure to win (if it's not 100% chance to win), then be careful. I've already seen someone who wins with only 1% chance of winning. This is astrowars

Ceci est pour vous dire que si vous n'etes pas sur à 100% de gagner, alors il faut faire attention de ne pas perdre sa flotte pour rien. J'ai déjà vu des personnes qui ont gagnés avec seulement 1% de chance de victoire. C'est astrowars dwarf

I think that what i've sayed can be helpfull for some of us.

J'èspere que ce petit "tuto" vous est utile.

Best regards

Mes salutations,



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Battle Calculator Empty Re: Battle Calculator

Post by Guest on Wed 29 Aug 2007 - 23:38

Clear and to the point!! Nice work MaLaGasy! Maybe pen a new section on the forum called "tutorials" for this kind of things.

Note; We do not always have someones race. Which makes the BC become more inaccurate. (Try Malagasy's example without using the 3 race mod attack)
However using Greenbird seems to deal with this. If you take a good look at incoming fleets you notice 2 CV are shown on 1 fleet.
First one is the CV based on the nr of DS,CS,B in the fleet: the plain CV.

Second one is the combined CV. This includes physics level and race mod attack included.

For example:
edit bc catch defending fleet.............. 5856/10517 CV, 15 TRN [UFsR] deltron

CV Based on the nr of ship in this fleet (1952DS) = 5856
CV Based on race and physics as well gives a CV of 10517

If you compare these to you can see that for deltron 1 CV is worth 1.79 CV. (race +4, physics 14)

No lets take a enemy fleet:

edit bc catch 2007-08-29 20:06:19 GMT+2 11.5h ago 4956/10131 CV, 32 TRN [XXX] jroc1577

Comparing both CV's gives you a CV value of 2.04. Which is significantly higher that deltron.
i compared it with my CV value (1.93) which leads to the conclusion that XXX jroc1577 has +4 on his race mod attack combined with lvl 21 or 22 physics.

In case jroc1577 and deltron' fleet meet: jroc will have a +25% bonus because his physic level is more than 6 level higher.

So although we dont have ppl races (intel) Greenbird provides us very imortant info about our enemies.

Go kick ass......

last update: 30/08/07


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Battle Calculator Empty Re: Battle Calculator

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