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> Supply Unit - SU

Post by pcy on Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 4:34

> What do you do with Supply Units?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

You have two options for a supply unit:

1. You can spend it on any building. If there is an amount of Astrodollars mentioned next to the building, this means you will raise that building to the next level and receive that amount of money. Caveat: it will only raise the building by the amount needed to complete it to the very next level, so if you have any points already towards that level, then the benefit you gain from the SU will be small.

2. You can sell it in the Trade screen then use the Astrodollars to either buy PP or an artifact (if you have enough for this). Caveat: whenever you sell an SU or an artifact it does not take effect until the next half-day update, at either 11:00 or 23:00 hours server time, so you will not have the money immediately.

> What is the best deal with Supply Unit?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here
- It depends upon the level of the building you want to increase. As a first step, if it's your first SU, it's better to sell it.

Note: You must have Population level 5 on one of your unseiged planet to buy pp's you get from your SU
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