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> Starbase - SB

Post by pcy on Mon 9 Apr 2007 - 17:04

> What good are starbases?

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- Starbases have the advantage that the CV per PP ratio is cheaper than with ships... so if you have a huge incoming it could help to build starbases, but also it has several disadvantages, e.g. being an easy target for crushfleets.
- You put them up last minute before the attacking fleet arrives.
- Starbases cannot be moved after the battle or if circumstances change.

> Starbases for Defense?!

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- Top players don't build any starbase, it's a waste of production point which can be use in more usefull ways.
- If you have no starbase, it's also easier to be defend by your friends who can land on your planet without losing half their fleet on a huge starbase
- Never build a Starbase until you are being attacked. It makes you a good target to get XP from.
- Starbases are pretty useful to survive when combined with fleets: Starbases are cheap deterrants to small fleets.

> Starbase Damage

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- You can check on Battle Calculator to know your chance to win.
- The wiki to help you using this tools is there: http://www.astrowars.com/portal/Battle_Calculator

> Points for starbase

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- See the Development Tables, which give details of how many points are needed for each level of buildings, population, etc.

> Cost of Starbase

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- Level n costs: 5*1.5^(n-1)
- Thus the total points to invest into SB (which also determines it's CV) is:
5* (1.5^n - 1) / 0.5 = 10 * 1.5^n - 10
- It is the same as for all the other buildings:
5 - 8 - 11 - 17 - 25 - 38 - 57 - 86 - 128 - 192 - 288 ....

> Best way to kill starbases

Answer is on AW official's forum: here

- There's 2 tactics:

1. SB 11... in waves: Starbase bashing

- 5 destroyers lose and reduce SB to 10.8
- 12 destroyers then lose and reduce SB to 9.9
- 101 destroyers are required to win with no chance of losing
- This leaves 26 destroyers
- So a total of 118 destroyers required
- A total loss of 92 destroyers and full xp from SB 9

2. SB 11... one hit

- 228 destroyers is the minimum required to win with no chance of losing
- This leaves 57 destroyers
- A total loss of 171 destroyers BUT full xp from SB 11

So if you are not fussed about PL or do not have a big fleet then SB bashing is a good tactic. The higher the SB level the more advisable it is.
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